Scam Alert: Domain Registry of Canada

Domain Registry of Canada –

If you get an official letter from Domain Registry of Canada ( read it carefully.It has the Canadian flag, looks very official and the header reads

Domain Name Expiration Notice

What they do is scour the WHOIS for domains that are expiring. Then they send out a very professional letter soliciting the renewal of the domain. At an outrageous price. $40 for a yearly .ca – I pay less than $11 at

Then they also offer other available domains such as .ORG and .INFO at $40/year as well. I get these as well for less than $10.

The Domain Registry of Canada extracts details of your domain name registration record from the publicly available whois database, known as ‘whois data mining’  and is a violation of the terms of the whois service.

They are nothing but scammers.