About Me

My name is Ingvar Grimsmo and I have been in the marketing game since 1976. I live in Grimsby, Ontario.

My corporate career include senior sales and marketing positions with 3M, NCR, VTech and Wang.

Since 1988 I have been on my own marketing my programming/consulting services and since about 1992 I have lived on the web. It’s a great, but frustrating place to make a living.

There have been failures. There have been successes. I am still here. Over the years one tends to learn the hard way. But when it’s good – it’s good.

I have learned a few things about selling and generating leads on the web. Not easy. Lots of competition. However, there are some tactics that still work. It is great when I am able to help a client take a site with little targeted traffic into a solid lead generator.

And that’s what a website should do. Helping other people succeed – that works for me. I succeed in the process.

I enjoy life, family and adventure – not stress.

Photography is my passion (www.ingvargrimsmo.com) and I entertain seniors. (www.ingvar.ca).