What People Say

What People say


“We are getting more and more people calling us from the web site. I shudder to think of the state we’d be in without the web site and your efforts in helping us maintain it. Elder Law Attorney, NJ

“Ingvar is a genius at designing websites for effective marketing of professional services” Thomas D. Begley, JR. Attorney, NJ

“You got my site up on the first 3 on MSN in just three weeks. Very impressive.” Vaughan DeKirby, Attorney, CA

“Ingvar, Thank you for all your efforts. This is pretty exciting for me. I have intended to have a Web site for 4 years, and it is finally happening.”

Dear Ingvar,
I was attracted to your company by the work you did for several elder law attorneys.  I was very impressed with the fact that your area of specialization and expertise centers around the creation of web sites precisely for elder law attorneys.  As we began to create my web site,  I took particular note of the fact that you dedicated much time and attention to learn about me as an individual.  You took the time, effort, and energy to read the articles on elder law that I had authored.  In doing so, you were able to create an impressive web site that  reflects not only our values,  but who we are and what we do.

In addition to the above, it is refreshing to work with someone, like yourself, that returns phone calls and e-mails in record time.  This speaks volumes about the “hands-on” approach you take in dealing with the elder law attorneys you work with.

I’m very excited and impressed with the web site you designed for us, and look forward to a long-lasting relationship with you law firm and your company.

Respectfully submitted,

James E. De Martino, Attorney
Hillsborough, NJ

Our law firm was thrilled with our new web site. With Ingvar’s expertise and guidance we were able to achieve the “look” we wanted to reflect our law firm’s image and, at the same time, provide useful information to our clients, potential clients and other attorneys.

After using a very basic web site that we did in-house several years ago, we finally feel that we have positioned our law firm to attract business from those clients who are going to look to the internet to help select an attorney to meet their needs.

Barbara A. Isenhour
900 Fourth Avenue
Suite 3250
Seattle, WA 98164


“Great Presentation!””Thank you, very useful information””We are going back to revamp our web site!””Your session at the CECN conference was great.”I attended two seminars put on by Ingvar Grimsmo in ONE day!  He kept my attention while learning specific new details about how to influence others. He kept humor in what could have been “dry stuff.” How does a speaker “stand out” in front of others?Know your subject, then know how to successfully pass it on to others. It was clear to all in attendance that he knew and enjoyed what he was talking about. Ingvar had done the homework for those in attendance.  He shared it verbally, visually on a screen, and then in handouts we could take and use for review. Probably most important in Ingvar’s presentations that captured my attention was his true love for what he was sharing.

The excitement he exuded was contagious. Many of us became infected through his humor and clear explanations. He was willing to discuss areas not on his agenda, knowing it filled a need for one or more of those in his audience. Ingvar is approachable, setting people at ease to ask questions without the fear of being put down or seeming unintelligent. When someone is excited about what they know, you feel it. It makes the learning enjoyable and in some cases, like Ingvar, even entertaining. Christy E. Lieurance

I highly recommend Mr. Grimsmo’s Influence Factors Marketing Seminars for any service oriented institution. Very creative, informative, fun, human, and sometimes philosophical Seminar. I truly enjoyed listening and being in your Seminar. Kevin Kamal – Client Services Coordinator World Education Services Toronto, Ontario
If you are looking for someone to help your business or organization better utilize the internet to market and sell your services or products, Ingvar Grimsmo is your marketing tekkie. Ingvar recently provided attendees at the annual Washington State Chamber of Commerce Executive conference with bottom line how-to’s on presenting one’s organization in the most attractive light on the “Net” as he was rated tops by the attendees as a presenter. The Washington Chamber of Commerce Executives would recommend Ingvar and his unique style of teaching to your organization. Bob Green, WCCE Administrator
Thank you for a great presentation at yesterday’s CSMPS lunch. I have just launched a human resources consulting practice and developing my web-site is a priority for me. Your tips and suggestions have brought me ‘about-face’ from my original electronic brochure idea to now creating a site that compels my clients to find out more or seek out my services. Audrey Ciccone, Human Perspective Consulting Ltd.
Yesterday Ingvar gave his talk to the CSMPS luncheon. We had a really good turnout for us – 46 people, about 10 more than we usually have – so the topic is obviously popular. Ingvar gave an excellent presentation. He held the audience attention, got lots of laughs and agreement and a healthy smattering of disagreement! His emphasis of website content over pretty time-consuming graphics does not necessarily sit well with designers whose focus can be “me, me” not “you, you”! Of course, that’s the whole point. Personally I came away with several great ideas that I will put to use, and I’m sure most everyone else did too. Not too often you can say that about these talks. He spent the time to actually look at some of the member websites and build them into his talk. Very effective. You will enjoy it. Jane McKinney Director, Events – CSMPS
It’s obvious your message really hit their mark. You presented in a clear, no-nonsense style that really connected with the audience who, in turn connected with you through their questions.Robert J. Noon – The Vancouver Board Of Trade.
Thank you so much for speaking at the Small Business Conference. We are very appreciative of your support and involvement with the SBDC and you truly helped make this event a success! We had over 2,000 attendees overall, and the feedback from your seminars was great – good job.Tom Dorr, Director – Small Business Development Center
Western Washington University
Excellent presentation today – you did a super job. You accomplished what you set out to do – you answered the question “how can I help you?” The problem solvers will always be winners. Once again, thank you for a host of great ideas.Iain Wyder Pilgrim’s Estate Consultants
After 14 years in sales, I was able to pick up new ideas and refresh my sales techniques. Taking Ingvar’s class brought to my mind that you are never too old to learn and can always improve your skills! Erica Hume, Artwood Manager
Ingvar is a very authentic person. I liked the interaction with participants.
I want to know more. It was interesting from beginning to end.
Ingvar was honest, believable, realistic. He provided real information, no hype.
I liked the simple, day to day examples used to convey the material.
Ingvar is dynamic, interesting and shows a depth and breadth of knowledge. He brings a lot of experience to the subject.
Very informative, inspiring, motivating. A lot of information in a short amount of time.
Quality information I can take away and use immediately.
Ingvar’s enthusiasm toward the subject made me pay attention.
Great information, I liked the informal presentation.
Interesting perspective on the way people think.
Very open and relaxed. I felt welcome and enjoyed the informal setting.