Start a blog to serve as a website
and attract search engine attention.

You most likely have a website already. But if you don’t have a blog – you might be missing out on valuable leads.

Fact: Only 1 in 20 small businesses has a blog.

Using a blog as a marketing tool makes you stand out from others. Search engines love blogs, and will often list blog entries before your home page.

The response from a blog post is often higher than on your home page, because the blog post people land on is exactly what they searched for.

We are VIP InfoServices. We have been in business since 1988 helping clients with their software and marketing efforts.

Over the years we have developed hundreds of sites, and we would like to set up a blog for you to help you get more leads from the Internet.

Intuit Carvings

We can set up a custom WordPress blog on your existing site for $1,250. OR we can set up a new site which we host and provide links to for $85/month on a domain you own. In addition, we have our own SEO methods we use to get your new blog up and running on search engines such as Google.


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