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Are Buck Knives good quality?

YES. Buck Knives are considered to be of very good quality. Reviewers note that Buck Knives are versatile tools that are suitable for a variety of outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, and nautical adventures

About Buck Knives

Buck Knives is a well-known American knife manufacturing company that has been in business for over a century. The company offers a wide range of knives, including folding knives, fixed blade knives, hunting knives, camping knives, and survival knives. In this article, we will provide an overview of Buck Knives, their history, and some of their most popular models.

Buck Knives was founded in 1902 by Hoyt H. Buck in San Diego, California. The company’s first product was a hunting knife made from a worn-out file blade. In 1947, Buck Knives moved to Idaho, where it is still headquartered today. Buck Knives has a long-standing reputation for quality and craftsmanship, and their knives are popular among hunters, outdoorsmen, and collectors alike.

Popular Buck Knives Models in Canada:

One of Buck Knives’ most iconic models is the 110 Folding Hunter. The knife has a classic design, with a wooden handle and a clip-point blade. It was first introduced in 1964 and has remained a favourite among hunters and outdoorsmen ever since. The Legacy Model of the 110 folder was recently released, which is a modernized version of the classic knife.

Another popular model is the Buck 119 Special, which is a fixed blade hunting knife. The knife features a clip-point blade, a brass guard, and a wooden handle. It has been in production since 1942 and is a favourite among hunters and collectors.

The Buck 283 Nano Bantam is a small, lightweight pocket knife that is perfect for everyday carry. It features a stainless steel blade and a textured handle for a secure grip. Despite its small size, the Nano Bantam is a reliable and durable knife that is perfect for everyday use.

The Buck 863 Selkirk is a fixed blade survival knife that is designed for outdoor use. It features a drop-point blade, a full tang construction, and a textured handle for a secure grip. The Selkirk is a versatile knife that is suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities, including camping, hunting, and survival situations.


Buck Knives is a well-known and respected knife manufacturer that offers a wide range of high-quality knives. The company has a long history of producing reliable and durable knives that are popular among hunters, outdoorsmen, and collectors. Some of their most popular models include the 110 Folding Hunter, the Buck 119 Special, the Buck 283 Nano Bantam, and the Buck 863 Selkirk. Whether you’re looking for a hunting knife, a camping knife, or a survival knife, Buck Knives has a model that is sure to meet your needs.



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