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What is the T01 Tomahawk from Hogue?

The Hogue EX T01 Tomahawk is a high-quality tool designed for various outdoor purposes.



About the EX-T01

Hogue EX T01 Tomahawk is a versatile and durable tool that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities, including hunting, camping, and survival situations. It features a solid S-7 blade with a black Cerakote finish and solid black G10 scales for a comfortable and secure grip. The tomahawk also comes with a hammer attachment.

Overall, the Hogue EX T01 Tomahawk is a high-quality tool designed for various outdoor purposes, and it can be found for purchase on several online marketplaces.

The Hogue EX-T01 Tomahawk, created through a partnership between custom knifemaker Allen Elishewitz and Sig Sauer firearms, is a reliable tool suitable for both tactical and outdoor purposes. It has a lightweight body which includes a partially embedded, skeletonized S-7 tool steel head with a sharp edge for efficient chopping and slashing. The reverse side of the head can be utilized as an impact tool and has two holes that can accommodate optional spike, pry bar, and hammer attachments which are sold separately. The thick G-10 handle scales provide high durability and impact resistance and are textured to provide a secure grip. The EX-T01 comes with a G-10 sheath that has strong magnets and a solid G-10 catch that offers stable retention without affecting the drawing speed. This particular model has a black Cerakote finish and a black G-10 handle.


Hogue EX T01 Reviews

The Hogue EX-T01 Tomahawk appears to be a well-regarded tool based on the available online reviews. Reviews consistently highlight its convenient size, reliable construction, and sharpness.

One reviewer notes that the Hogue EX-T01 is “convenient to carry, handy to use and sharp as a knife,” and describes it as a “well-made piece”. Another reviewer praises the tomahawk’s G10 scales and sheath, calling it a “great tool for the outdoorsman”.

In addition to written reviews, there is also a video review available on YouTube that includes a field test of the Hogue EX-T01. The reviewer on YouTube says that they “really enjoy using this piece of art” and demonstrates its effectiveness as a chopping tool.

Overall, the available reviews suggest that the Hogue EX-T01 Tomahawk is a reliable and effective tool for outdoor use.


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