Getting Blogs Ranked in 2018 and Beyond

I haven’t posted here for years. If anyone reads this, here’s what’s happening with my blog web business.

I have sold the bulk of my very profitable web sites. So now I have this and a couple left, and am sort of retired. But I do want to share with business owners who use blogs on their websites what I have learned over the past 20+ years.

First off – getting ranked is a total pain these days. As opposed to only a few years back when all the tricks we discovered worked. These days, not so much.

It is much easier to get ranked in Bing that Google. And Bing does have what – 20-25% of searches? In the portfolio I had that was the most successful I think I attributed 25% of revenues to Bing searches.

These days there are a few basic strategies that cannot be ignored. Content and inbound links. Still works, but boy do you have to do this right.

Content needs to be pretty well hand written and very specific to the theme of the blog. Especially Google is very theme focused.

Inbound links must be from related, ranked websites. Buying links from non-related sites will be detrimental.

Hopefully I will contribute here a few tricks of the trade I have learned over the years.

Stay tuned…