What your Website Needs

Your site does not have to be an award winning design.

It needs to be clear, and give the visitor the information they need and a call to action. Here are the basic requirements for a small business website:


  • A very clear description of who you are.
    You don’t want the visitor to wonder who you are. Say it right up front on the home page who you are and what you do.
  • A sensible web address
    Also called a domain name. It is getting very difficult to find a non-registered domain these days that is short and memorable. So a little digging is needed here. It all depends on your business. It is better to have a longer domain name that makes sense than a short one that no one can remember.
  • Customer testimonials.
    This is important. One of the most powerful influence tactics is the concept of “social proof”. If you see a testimonial from a person that belongs to a group you respect, your confidence in the product or service will increase.
  • Fresh content.
    That’s why a blog is a perfect website. You can add posts as often as you want, and search engines love fresh content. Besides, customers might come back to your site several times before they are ready to buy.
  • A clear call to action.
    If you want them to call for a free quote – say so.