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What is the Axon Mini M390 Folder from Vero Engineering?

The Vero Engineering Axon Mini is a folding knife designed by Joseph Vero. It is the smaller version of the Axon Liner Lock folding knife.


Vero Axon Mini Description

The Axon Mini is available with 5 handle options: Red G10, Natural Micarta, Black Micarta, Black End Cut Carbon Fiber, and Brass, with additional costs for some of these options. 

Joseph Vero’s Axon Mini is a compact version of his Axon Liner Lock folding knife. The knife’s design is characterized by a futuristic, minimalist, clean, and elegant appearance, which is typical of Vero’s creations. Despite its smaller size, the Axon Mini Frame Lock remains a highly functional knife.

It can be opened using either the front flipper or the duel-sided milled pocket, and the knife’s action is impressive. The Axon Mini is available in different titanium handle configurations, and its blade steel is made of M390, a premium steel known for its exceptional edge retention. Each knife has a unique serial number, and purchasers can expect to own an attractive and durable knife.

Vero Axon Mini Review

I am an enthusiast of Vero Engineering and their products, particularly the Axon Mini. Joseph’s designs are exceptional, and I have grown to appreciate the distinctive appearance of his knives. The knife is filled with intricate details, such as the serial number near the liner lock, the logo, and a small notch in the pocket clip for better placement. Although the jimping is not sharp, it still provides a good grip. The blade is centered correctly, and all elements function as expected. The Axon Mini Linerlock Folder by Vero Engineering has a hand-rubbed satin finished blade with a notched thumbrest and thumbhole. The black canvas micarta scales with inlaid liner, tip up titanium clip, and titanium backspacer make up the handle. It has a nice detent, lockup, and blade seating, and it comes with a zippered case.

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