TRC Apocalypse Knife

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What is the Apocalypse Knife from TRC?

The TRC Apocalypse Knife is a custom survival knife, made by Andrius, is one of the most renowned knives. It was constructed for extreme survival circumstances and is perfect for those who want a hard-wearing tactical or outdoor survival knife. It is recommended for use by members of the military or law enforcement.

TRC Apocalypse Knife

TRC Apocalypse Knife

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The blade of the TRC Apocalypse Knife is made up of a thick slab of a high-quality ELMAX steel to raise the chances of survival in apocalyptic situations. It features a tough full tang design, a big drop point style blade with unusual edges and an ideal balance. The TRC Apocalypse Knife is crafted from the best materials including ELMAX Steel, Black Canvas Micarta handle scales and a Kydex sheath.

They constructed the TRC Apocalypse Knife blade for life-or-death circumstances. To expand your chances of enduring during the end of the world, we handcrafted this knife from a thick cut of top notch steel. APOCALPYPSE has a sharp edge of 172mm in length. Moreover, it is equipped with textured handle scales that, alongside with thumb jimping, give the apocalyptic warrior with a secure and confident grasp. With a total length of 300mm, this intense looking endurance knife will give your adversaries a second thought. Just looking at it, you know it means business. TRC Apocalypse Knife accompanies a handcrafted Ky-dex® sheath.

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