Hunting Knife Sharpening

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Keep Your Hunting Knife Sharp!

Hunting Knife Sharpening

Hunters anticipate that their season will be productive. They work hard to make sure all goes as intended, so that the hunters can return home with their catch. A lot of planning is needed for a successful hunt, however, a hunter will tell you that the real effort begins once an animal is slain. Dressing, dividing into sections, and carrying the carcass back to the camp can be a major undertaking. A reliable knife is an essential tool for this job.

Most hunters take two blades with them when in the outdoors. A pocket knife for more standard activities such as snipping twine, paracord, or opening rations. Additionally, they often have a fixed blade knife with them in case of a successful hunt.

Before a hunter go on a hunt, they always make sure to sharpen thier knives to the same level. This enables them to hone them in the same manner in the woods. They ensure that the sharpening angle they  am using is compatible with the sharpener they bringing with them. They don’t want to have to adjust the angle to a more intense one in the field, as that would be a time-consuming and troublesome task. They usually sharpen the knives to 20° per side at home, then carry the Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener to hone them at 20 and 25 degrees, preserving the knive’s sharp edge.

While butchering the game, Hunters pay attention to the performance of their knife. If they have to apply more pressure on the blade to make a cut, or the results are becoming jagged and sloppy, it’s time to hone the edge. This is important because a sharp blade needs less force to cut, resulting in a more precise cut, less wasted meat, and less risk of getting hurt. Refining the blade’s sharpness with ceramic or some leather strop is a speedy process compared to having to do a full sharpening, so you can get back to what you were doing quickly. Remember to hone frequently, make precise incisions, and stay safe.

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PUMA Hunting Knife w/ great stag handles. Left side of blade marked “PUMA JAGD-NICKER” over “nach Oberforstmeister FREVERT”; right  side marked “HANDARBEIT”. “PUMA WERKE Solingen” over “MADE IN GERMANY” on left ricasso. “INOX Bestell Nr. 3539” on right ricasso. Includes stag handled sharpener. This knife shows some signs of vert-de-gris; however; it has never been carried or sharpened… only handled and/ or displayed. Please see the photos.
randall made knife knives
randall made knife knives


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randall made knife knives 8 inch blade have a large collection these knives were only used for display this knife has a little discoloration in one spot see picture thanks for lookingWhat u see is what u get make sure you read and see pictures
Winkler Knives WK Belt Knife Black Micarta 80CRV2 Steel. Appears like-new in box, retains factory ground edge which remains sharp and has not been touched up.
randall made knife knives
randall made knife knives


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randall made knife knives. Large knife collection look my other knives posted this knife was only used for display only thanks for looking
Never used or sharpened. It is 8 1/2″ LOA With a 4″ blade The top is NOT sharpened.
Blade Material : Damascus Steel | Twist Pattern. All our knives are Fully Handmade. This knife is best for Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Gift for him etc. Keep the knife lubricant after each cleaning.
D.F. Kressler -Germany-custom integral stag hunter knife-Loveless design. Up for sale is a D.F. Kressler custom integral drop point hunter knife. 154-cpm hand satin finished steel material. Blade measures 3-1/2”. Full integral tapered tang construction, overall length 7-1/2”. Antler/stag scales with four stainless steel pins, lanyard hole with fine red liners. Comes with its original brown leather sheath in mint unused condition. The Tim it takes to make a integral knife out of a single block of 154-cpm steel is the equivalent of making four regular knives. No reserves USPS priority shipping Payment through Ebay
Dion Damascus copper san mai with 1095 core. 7″ blade length, 12.5″ Overall.
Winkler Knives Highland Hatchet Curly Oak. * Handle material discontinued * Freshly axe waxed. Blade steel: 80crv2 Black oxide no-glare finish Head: 4 7/8” Overall length: 10 7/8” Skeletonized full tapered tang Hammer pole headLined kydex quick access carrier sheath
Hunting Knife W/Steath
Hunting Knife W/Steath


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Hunting Knife W/Sheath
Bushcraft / Survival / Hunting Knife Pair. Made from CPM Magnacut by Plainsmen Knives, out of Oklahoma. Leather was made by Danny Collins, also from Oklahoma, and is very thick saddle leather inlaid with Genuine Elephant hide. Built to outlive you, and age even more gracefully.
HedgeHog LeatherWorks Sheath ESEE-3 Knife. Custom Sheath for small of back, right hand draw Carried a few times knife has never been used to cut anything Blade is sharp Includes leather conditioner (Check out my other listings)
V-Knives Custom Handmade Rune Viking Seax with Carved Handle. It has a Celtic knot designed carved into the hardwood handle and runes etched into the blade with Hamon line. This knife is listed as “Used” but it would be better described as Pre-owned.
Hand Finished in Montana. Knife Weight: 4 Ounces. Actual knife pictured with the charcoal background. Blade Steel: CPM 154 Stainless Steel. Blade Length: 3 15/16”. 100% Made in the USA.
Fällkniven Odin NL2L – Northern Light Series. A hard working tool or beautiful addition to any knife collection. This knife was never carried, used, sharpened or cut anything – only out for pictures (and admiration).
Winkler Knives Highland Hunter Walnut Knife with leather sheath. Blade steel: 80crv2 Black oxide no-glare finish Blade length: 4 3/4” Overall length: 9 1/4” Full tapered tang Lined leather sheath

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