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What is the Ultramar Redencion 229 Tanto From Chaves Knives?

Chaves Knives’ iconic Chaves Redencion 229 model has been downsized for the Redencion Street, but the strength of the framelock framework has been kept intact. This knife is from the Ultramar series, a creation of Reate to give Ramon’s custom designs more widespread availability. TheĀ ChavesUltramar Redencion 229 has two pocket clips, one in a classic design and the other with the Chaves skull emblem. The Chaves Redencion 229 Street is available in two blade designs and numerous variants of handle and finish.

Chaves Ultramar Redencion 229

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In order to provide the highest quality of knives, the Chaves Ultramar 229 line utilizes Bohler M390 steel. It is without a doubt that Ramon believes the blade should be the most prominent feature of a knife. This particular model showcases a tanto design, with hollow ground surface, flat ground tip, and a precisely ground swedge at the top. The grind lines are intentionally left on the blade in varied directions to give an eye-catching design with alternating and sharply directional angles. It is an undeniably striking piece.

TheĀ ChavesUltramar Redencion 229 has a hollow grind and is very thin along the edge at the belly section, but it is slightly thicker at the tanto tip for more longevity. As a knife enthusiast, we appreciate the careful consideration that went into the thickness of the grind. The spot at which the main and secondary edges join is much nearer to the base of the blade than any

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The blade of the ChavesUltramar Redencion 229 is distinctive in its appearance, giving it a more classic drop point feel due to its extended tip. Additionally, it puts the first of two tips closer to the user to avoid over-penetration when opening packages, and the long tanto tip is not totally flat, making it possible to perform slides cuts with either tip. All in all, the design of the blade is practical and elegant, but still a bit menacing.



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