Mini-sites for SEO

Mini-sites for SEO

Many business have one website that covers all services and products. And that’s fine, however I have found that the more variety of topics a site has – the less focused the site is and rankings could suffer on many of the service pages.

For many years now I have been a fan of razor sharp websites, clearly defined and they get ranked quicker and better than sites with many different topics. Makes sense.

For example, a law firm. Many firms have multiple practice areas. Such as Bankruptcy, Divorces, Estate Planning and so on. Having a corporate site is great, but what has proven to be much better is to have a corporate site AND separate mini-sites for each practice areas. With their own unique content, and even better – a blog that gets updated with fresh and useful content from time to time.

Same with any personal service firms. Another example are people in the contractor business. I know folks covering roofs, garage door installation and landscaping. The best solution is to have smaller sites for EACH of these.

I have done this a lot, and in each case, the sites as a group provide MORE TRAFFIC than a `master`site. And, the traffic is more focused.

SO there is something to ponder. Let me know if you are interested, we can work something out for multiple sites.