The big question… what is the cost? In the past I have usually charged a fixed fee pending on the complexity of the site. But now, for this project – smaller blogs and websites it has been suggested to me that a monthly charge works better. So here’s the deal:

For $75 a month, and you can cancel anytime I will:

  • Set up the site on your domain (I can help getting a domain)
  • Design and create the site with your content, say up to 10 pages
  • Find and use the keywords that has the most chance of getting ranked
  • Host the site on my high-end servers
  • And the most important part – provide high quality links from credible sites so search engines see and index your site. My linking system will trickle and rotate links to your site on a schedule to make them look natural.

In this business there are no guarantees. But I will do what I can to make your site visible, and this is an on-going service as long as you are on this plan. I suggest you leave the site for at least three months as it sometimes takes a while for the search engines to rank sites. If, after 3 months there are no results, you cancel and move on to the next web guy that promises great results.


Payment Options